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We started our zoo hoping it would be a big hit with the kids, and that's just what happened. We grew the zoo after watching how the children look forward to seeing the critters and are delighted to interact with them. Our zoo has become a fabulous therapeutic tool.

Our bearded dragon is everyones favorite. Lefty gets lots of "hellos" and "byes" daily from children, and he has become the focus of their attention in and out of our facility. Lefty was missing his left hand when we bought him, but this has never held him back. Lefty likes crickets but loves worms and raspberries (which is why he usually looks like he's wearing red lipstick).

Poncho Santiago Leuck
An adorable hedgehog, Poncho is the newest member of the family. He loves to ride his wheel at night (so fast that it often hits him in the face). He also loves to eat and poop day and night. He's a cuddly little cactus.

Our tarantula is NOT everyones favorite (anyone?). So far, the most exciting thing Molly has done is "molt," causing a lot of excitement as everyone thought she had either given birth or cloned herself. We're smarter now.

Bertha (the 2nd, or 3rd, or...)
Our goldfish (who has a fake floating friend named Bart) is sweet and a kids' favorite. We have not told her that she's our number two try.

The Cubans, Rolando and Humberto Perez Padilla Cruz-Alvarez
(we went all out on names here)
Our Cuban Knight Anoles are fast and hard to find in their little jungle. They're always trying to escape and who can blame them. They don't answer to their names or anything else.

"Unnamed" Froggies
Our fire-bellied toads are lots of fun to watch. They multiply constantly, so we always have lots of tadpoles and pollywogs in the tank. spite of their constant hatching, their numbers never grow so we think that they seriously lack parenting skills.

"Unnamed" African Cichlids
Our African Cichlids multiply constantly and are fun to watch. Another kids' favorite. They're always protecting their turf. Too bad they're always fighting. They too lack parenting skills and are in desperate need of anger control training.

"Unnamed" Fishies
Our tropical fish are always the focus for the kids. Fortunately, since we haven't named them, the kids don't notice when they've been replaced. ☺

The newest member and probably now the most popular, Manny is a one-year old Chihuaua. He loves everyone, especially kids, and is usually busy at the agency on Thursdays.


Our lady chameleon. We loved her and miss her.

The sweetest bearded dragon in the planet. She used to be Lefty's girlfriend but he harrassed her, so she went home with Viv. She fell off one of her logs in 2013 and we lost her. Still miss her.

Bertha (the 1st)
No picture available, but she looked just like Bertha the 2nd (just older and larger)